Stylize Your Washroom With A Bathroom Vanity

By Alex Zidan

Many people redecorate their homes and leave the bathroom out figuring that there is not much you can do to spice up the washroom. While it is true that the typical bathroom furniture is pretty standard, you can spice up your bathroom and give it flavor by simply color coding the towels and blinds as well as adding a stylish bathroom vanity.

This is one of the reasons that you cannot take choosing a bathroom vanity lightly. The bathroom mirror is the one item that you can actually choose and control so you should make sure that the one you choose fits in best with your theme. After all, almost everyone checks the mirror when they leave the bathroom, so that means that your mirror next to the toilet is the most noticed item in the room.

While the mirror aspect of a bathroom vanity is pretty basic, the trimming and the size vanity can either make or break the design of your bathroom. Both of these two elements will influence the impact the mirror will make on your bathroom, rather that influence is noticeable or not. If you incorrectly choose a mirror, the difference may be noticeable, but in a bad way so you will want to be careful to make sure everything is cohesive in the bathroom.


A good rule of thumb when choosing a bathroom vanity mirror is to look at the trimmings of your bathroom. Wood trimming around the mirror will create a very warm atmosphere for the room if you have warm colors such as dark greens and amber reds adorning the windows and your hand towels. Two towel holders or candles holders on each side of the mirror in the same color wood trimming will also help bring out the mirror.

For bathrooms that are more sleek and stylish with stainless steel items (toilet, shower, etc), you will want a vanity mirror that is trimmed in either black or silver with detail etched into the trimming so it will match but still stand out in its own way.

Following the same lines, if you have a warm colored bathroom but gold fixtures for your sink and toilet handles, you may instead choose to highlight the gold in the room by choosing a bathroom vanity that has gold as its trimming. The idea is simply to make the mirror fit in with the bathroom, but also let the trimming around the mirror highlight the overall feel of the bathroom which otherwise may be too understated.

Whichever setting you go with, you want to make sure you keep the size of your bathroom vanity in check with your sink. It should fit nicely above your sink covering the wall more as a wall hanging than mirror, but it should not overpower the sink. One of the final things you need to consider is the balance in your restroom. You do not want to overpower the room, simply draw attention to the detail and time you put into choosing the correct wall decoration.

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