Outdoor Bean Bags Can Make Your Summer Enjoyable

During the summer, the beach is the best place to go to. You get to cool off here when you take a dip in the water. In addition to that, you can also play beach volleyball with your friends. 

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During the summer months, the beach is the best place to go to. You get to cool off here when you take a dip in the water. In addition to that, you can also play beach volleyball with your friends. However, the time it takes to travel to a decent beach can be long which is why some people cannot easily leave their homes especially if they are far from the beaches. These men and women would make do with what they have and have fun with their friends and family in the comfort of their own homes. They are also able to have a good time with the help of an outdoor bean bag.

These pieces of furniture are a great addition to any home because these can provide you with a lot of comfort. In addition to that, you will be able to relax in one of these after a hard day at work. Another reason why most men and women would opt for these instead of the standard furniture pieces is due to the fact that these are very durable. A typical chair can easily come off at the hinges and this is a problem you don’t have to deal with when you opt for beanbags. These were made to be durable so that it can withstand the harsh weather. This is a very useful feature especially if you happen to forget to bring these inside your house and it happens to rain during the night. In addition to that, these also go great with a swimming pool. You can purchase the floatable variant and chill out in your own pool.

Another good thing about it is that you will be able to choose one to your liking because these come in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs. If you are a sports fan, you can get one in your favourite sport. It will also be easy to find one in your preferred color and style because you can find these in your home depot store and in the online shops. In the event that you lose some of its fillingHealth Fitness Articles, it will also be easy for you to purchase new fillings.

Even your kids can have fun with these because there are children’s bean bags made just for them. They can rest on these and even use them as playthings. These are also safe to put in their rooms because you won’t have to worry if they will get hurt when they run into them.

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Save Energy with Your Heating Controls

Controls of your Heating System may play a major role in keeping your energy bills high or low. Surprisingly you would find that many of the homes that are only a few years old, do not have adequate controls and even if they do they are out dated or sluggish in operation. No wonder their energy bills will be high because poorly designed, out dated, and poorly maintained control systems waste your home energy.

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That is why utility companies and authorities in many countries go to the extent of granting rebates on your expenditure in upgrading your heating control systems.

Here are some facts about Heating System Control upgrades.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs)

A TRV is a motorized valve installed in the hot water lines at the radiator and is operated on a room mounted thermostat. The valves can be with 2 port or 3 p demands of the system according the design. A simple TRV has only on /off function. That is, once the thermostat is set to a temperature of your choice, the motor of the valve will be energized and the valve will be kept fully open. The hot water from the boiler will circulate through the radiator providing the heat needed to maintain the desired room temperature. Once the room reaches the set temperature of the thermostat will de-energize the motor, closing the motor and cutting off the hot water supply to the radiator, gradually causing the room to become cooler. Once the lower setting of the thermostat is reached another signal will be received from the Room thermostat again re-energizing the motor so that the hot water recirculation is restored and the process will repeat.

In a TRV that has 3 ports the valve functions as a device to make the hot water by pass the radiator on the signal from the room thermostat. The hot water lines would not be over pressurized or undergo water hammer in this arrangement.

The room or a zone will receive only the heat energy that is only essential to maintain a comfortable temperature level, pre determined by you in this scenario saving on the wasted energy in an outdated TRV-less system. They are particularly useful in rooms (eg. Bed rooms) which require a different temperature to another (eg. living area or the kitchen)

7-Day Programmable Timer

The 7-day programmable timer in a heating system is set based on your daily or weekly heating and hot water requirement patterns. The idea is to let the boiler, particular zones, or the controls operate and shut off according to the times of the day (or week) without operating the systems when there is no demand for it. Your responsibility therefore will be limited to programme the time according your homes usage patterns. The rest (eg start/stop, feeding different zones etc) will be taken care of by the timer.

Boiler Interlocking

In the old home heating designs the boiler would start at your command when you need a hot water circulation in the system for your kitchen water needs for example. Once the task is completed you had to shut it off and the process would have wasted a substantial amount of energy for heating the water required for space heating though there is no demand for it. The pump too would operate continuously.

In an interlocked system the boiler will only run when needed, thereby saving much energy.

All the major components and controls such as the Boiler, Cylinder thermostat, Room Thermostat,

TRV and the pump would be electrically interlocked for this purpose.

Time and Temperature Controls of Electric Immersion Heaters

In immersion heaters a wasteful feature is that;

  • the water may be over heated than necessary (eg. When temperature of domestic hot water heated over 60 0C
  • Add cold water to bring down such overheated water
  • The heater may be operated for a long duration than required to bring up the water to a particular temperature

Timers and Controls fitted to immersion heaters, and set to predetermined duration and temperature will minimize electrical energy wastage.


Adequate lagging of hot water pipes, boilers and cylinders is essential for anyone conscious of their high home energy bills, wastage and the bad environmental impact caused by it. It is a good place to start your heating upgrade if you are a DIY enthusiast, though grants are available for formally approved and carried out upgrades.

Sam Braidley is a author who writes about green environment and home improving subjects to get more ideas about Green environment please visit http://www.greentech.ie

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Facility Management New Approach

In this article I will share my experience, skills and knowledge to make you understand what is Facility Management (FM). I’ll also explain the new approach towards FM, what the branches of FM are, what the quality of a successful Facility Managers are and much more.

When I got my first job in Facility Management, I had the burning desire to create something remarkable, memorable, and of sheer quality in my domain.

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But I know it takes time, love and hard work, and you run the risk that it will go unappreciated. So what’s the single biggest differentiating factor I use in choosing a writer? It is a Quotation “Stay on purpose, not on outcome”. In other words, do the task because it is what you love to do or because it will help someone or is a valuable exercise.

In this book I will share my experience, skill, and knowledge to make you understand what is Facility Management (FM), what are the new approach towards FM, what are the branches of FM, and what are the quality of a successful Facility Manager and much more.

What is Facility Management (FM)?

Facilities management’s current scope of functions encompasses several basic areas of management activity. Facility management is the practice of coordinating the physical workplace with the people and work of the organization. It integrates the principles of business administration, architecture and the behavioral and engineering sciences.

Fresh approach in FM

Initially Administration and Facility management was the synonyms, but today we know Facility management has vast area. Administration is one of the parts of Facility management, FM comprises every thing which related to smooth running of an organization. Facility management have witness an increase in their responsibilities for providing a safe and effective workplace for employees.

Importance of Facility Manager

Maintain a well-managed and highly efficient facility is critical to success. New technologies, security issues, operating cost, and health concerns also have had major impact on the importance of and need for facility professionals in organizations.

Qualities of a Facility Manager

Facility professional must be equipped with a good amount of knowledge and the ability to cope with and solve a multitude of complex problems and challenges. Below are some points which good to have in a facility professional.

  • Facility budget planning
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Process compliance
  • Awareness of new technology
  • Real estate acquisitions
  • Work stations configuration management
  • Architectural and interior planning and design
  • New constructions and renovation
  • Maintenance and operations management
  • Telecommunication integration, security and general administrative services
  • New way of thinking.
  • With so many variable responsibilities, the workday of a facility manager is anything but routine.
  • Area of Facility Management

The following list approximates the range of most facilities management departments in major companies. Not every facilities manager performs every function on this list because the mix of functions and responsibilities is unique to each company.

  • Real Estate
  • Project Management
  • Space Planning
  • Building Operations and Maintenance
  • Human and Environmental Factors
  • Basic Management Activities
  • Resource Planning
  • Quality Assessment
  • Communication
  • General Administrative Support
  • Real Estate
  • Selecting Criteria

There are many factors which need to be considered before selecting property. The following parameters should be used when you wish to survey your property requirements.

Location Details

  • Location
  • Mode of Transportation (in the Vicinity) 
  • Distance From Airport s (KM) 
  • Amenities within 10 minutes walk of property 
  • 5 Star Hotels in the vicinity

Building Details

  • Developer / Owner Profile 
  • Super Area Sq.ft 
  • Carpet Area Sq.ft 
  • Floor efficiency (%) 
  • Possession for fit outs 
  • Possession for Operations
  • Number of Floors in the building
  • Floor Available in the building

Technical Details

  • Power Back up (Rating of D.Gs) 
  • HVAC Systems


  • Parking
  • Free / Paid parking Slot 
  • Lift 
  • Green Belt etc.


  • Rent per Sq.ft. 
  • Maintenance Charges Per sq.ft
  • Lease Term (years)
  • Lock In Period ( In months)
  • Escalations (%) 
  • Other charges (if any)

Building Ratings

  • Building Grade 
  • Developer/ owner Profile 
  • Location

Documentation (On Rent)

Latter of Intent (LOI)

  • It is the first round document which indicates on which terms and conditions you are agree upon with the Land lord.

Lease Deed

  • Lease Deed is the comprehensive version of LOI which back by state Law (if it is on the stamp paper). It covers all clauses which are agreed upon by both the parties.

Rent Approval

  • It is a permission letter which issued by the concern authorities after paying the respective feesFree Articles, and full fills required terms and conditions. (It is for Noida Utter Pradesh India)

Lease Deed Registration

  • Though lease deed itself a legal document but to some extant it is void if it is not redistricted.

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Telescopic Handler – Known for its various functions

A Telescopic handler is commonly known as telescopic forklift. This Telescopic handler or Telehandler is more like a conventional forklift but performs similar function as of a crane. The only difference between the Telehandler and conventional forklift is the method used in its operation.

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There is a difference in how conventional forklift and Telescopic handler operate. Telehandlers make use of a telescopic boom whereas conventional handler makes use of a vertical mast in order to raise or lift up heavy load. A Telescopic handler is more efficient in comparison to conventional forklift as it has more reach both upwards and frontwards. Therefore, traditional forklift handlers when combined with telescopic outreach feature gives rise to an excellent Telehandler.

A Telescopic handler is basically a more customized approach towards carrying out work in rough land or ground without any difficulty. In other words, it is a durable, strong and long-lasting version of already existing standard forklifts. This Telescopic handler is commonly used in applications like mining, warehouse operations, construction and agriculture. It is generally seen that pallet or fork attachments are used in most work applications, however you can also make use of other attachments like, buckets, winches, lift table, rotating and fixed carriages, grapples and many others. Moreover, they are mostly used in applications where there is a need of additional forklift attachments for example in uplifting of goods or objects to multi storey level, earthworks, block or brick handling, fencing, road works, roofing, service works and loading or unloading trucks.

It is really difficult for the conventional forklift to move from one location to another; however, a Telescopic handler by making use of telescopic boom makes this task easier to perform. For example, the boom allows easy placing of load on a standardized platform in comparison to a time-consuming and unworkable crane.

The Telescopic handler features another important function. This is called motorized mast climbing scaffolding. It needs lift heights of approximately thirty feet or more usually for horizontal feet in hundreds. Moreover, its scaffolding weighs around six thousand pounds or more. With generator support, a Telescopic handler can easily raise this amount of weight speedily, making it an inexpensive and quicker solution for elevating mast-climbing scaffolds. It’s preferable to rent a Telescopic handler, rather than purchasing material elevators. This will not only cost you less but also allow you to perform your task smoothly and speedily on high building, condos and farms.

Before purchasing an appropriate Telescopic handler for lifting heavy weight goods or materials it is important that you conduct a thorough research. Also contact various dealers and manufacturers who deal with such equipments and make your decision in accordance to your business needs and requirements. By doing this you will not only make your decision based on what suits your job condition and environment but also you will gain knowledge regarding amazing features of different types of Telescopic handlers. Most dealers also deal with used machineries in addition to brand new machineries. Since used machineries are much cheaper, they are easily affordable and can be purchased by any ordinary men. However, first you have to ensure the type or kind of task for which you require Telescopic handler equipment and purchase the one that suits your work standards.

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Used Cars Buying from Dealer can be Valuable and Profitable

There are advantages and disadvantages to buying a new or used car, and each person has to make that decision based on your personal situation. Buying a car should not be a stressful event and customers are looking for friendly sales staff to help find the perfect vehicle.

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Buying a car is an important decision for all. Decide what type of vehicle you want is the first step then come the decision to buy or lease it. For many people, this decision is based on the price of the vehicle. There are advantages and disadvantages to buying a new or used car, and each person has to make that decision based on your personal situation. Of course, there are financing options that should be considered and for many people this can be the hardest part of the whole process.

Used cars can be just as reliable as new. When a person decides to buy a used car, do not expect to sacrifice quality. They plan to buy a large vehicle at a great price. Each person has their own specific needs when visiting a dealer; expect to have a variety of vehicles to choose from to meet those needs. Buying a car should not be a stressful event and customers are looking for friendly sales staff to help find the perfect vehicle.

Obtaining financing for new or used car can be difficult. Sometimes it can take little more funds to complete a purchase. Any reputable dealer should have staff that is trained to help clients develop a payment plan that fits your budget. Every merchant has a different network of lenders who have loans with and not everyone has the same credit requirements.

There are several advantages to buying used cars instead of new ones. Accessibility is probably the greatest good for the greatest number of people. The new vehicles are always more expensive than used cars, and also require a larger down payment – at least ten percent of the total purchase price. The new vehicles tend to depreciate more quickly when they are driven the sales lot.

Certified Pre Owned programs are another great advantage. These vehicles undergo a rigorous mechanical and cosmetic inspection before dealers can sell. These vehicles are usually equipped with an extended warranty that often includes the same features of the new vehicle warranty. Certified Used Vehicles are often offers loans at low rates of interest, which is always a plus for customers.

It is always a good idea to check a used car before making a final purchase. Some people choose to have a mechanic to inspect your potential vehicle before you decide to buy. Others may require a full history of the vehicle or looking for the seller to decide if they are trustworthy. There is always the possibility that a used car was damaged or was the victim of an accident at some point.

Whatever type of vehicle you decide to buy or rent, it’s important to choose a vehicle that fits your budget. For many consumers, finances are always a concern and opportunity; in generalBusiness Management Articles, tend to be a little more affordable.

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Search-and-rescue dog that found 9/11 survivor to be cloned

Search-and-rescue dog that found 9/11 survivor to be cloned

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

A German shepherd who recovered the last survivor of the September 11, 2001 attacks is to be cloned. His owner, James Symington, a former police officer from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada entered an essay writing contest about why his dog should be cloned.

Trakr, the 15 year old German shepherd suffering from degenerative neurological disorder, was the subject of a contest-winning essay about why Trakr should be cloned that was written by Symington. Trakr and Symington received Humanitarian Service Awards from Jane Goodall for their heroics at Ground Zero. Symington is now an actor of film and television, sometimes credited as Peter James.

BioArts International sponsored the essay-writing contest. Five more dogs are to be cloned by its Best Friends Again program. While Trakr will receive free replication, the other dogs will have to participate in an auction with a starting bid of US$100,000.

BioArts is going to send the DNA of the 6 dogs to Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in Seoul, South Korea. A Sooam researcher said that the dog should be born in November.

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Hyperhidrosis Treatment

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Hyperhidrosis, also known excessive sweating, is a common problem affecting a lot of people. There is excessive sweating of hands, foot, underarms and face. People facing this disorder often feel embarrassed in public places as this problem is uncontrollable. Palmar Hyperhidrosis or sweaty palms is general problem faced by every other person today. The popular cause of hyperhidrosis is that the sympathetic nerves are highly activated in our nervous system. These nerves control the sweating of our entire body, but when these nerves become highly active we tend to profuse sweat. 

Sweaty Hands, called Palmar Hyperhidrosis Sweaty Armpits, called Axillary hyperhidrosis Sweaty feet, called Plantar Hyperhidrosis. People often face a lot of problem. People suffering from Palmar hyperhidrosis face a great difficulty in holding things firmly, people suffering from Plantar hyperhidrosis have wet shoes and socks and this creates an awful smell, for people with axillary hyperhidrosis have wet armpits and stains the garments. 

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After a physical diagnosis the patient who is suffering from hyperhidrosis is generally discussed as to the time period of this problem, the intervals of sweating and the areas which are affected. This discussion helps the doctor to know how severe the condition is and to start with the treatment. Many people opt for home remedies or herbal remedies, but these sorts of treatments are temporary and ease the severity for some time. 

There are other medical methods to improve the condition in case of primary hyperhidrosis. 

• Oral Medications 

• Iontophoresis 

• Botulinum Toxin 

• Surgery 

Out of these surgery is the effective method for permanent eradication of this condition. 


Oral Medications: A person suffering from light hyperhidrosis is given oral medications. Initially, the doctor may prescribe some antiperspirants to be used several times a day, which may help upto some extent but can cause redness or even swollen or irritated skin, and sometimes even skin rashes. If antiperspirants don’t help you the doctor may switch over to Oral Medications. 

Sweating due to stress can be controlled by taking anti anxiety or stress relieve medication. These medications are accompanied with side effects like mouth dryness, poor or blurred vision and it also becomes hard to pass urine. 

Iontophoresis: This is just like a mild shock treatment, where the patient is given mild shocks to the hands, feet and armpits with patient immersed completely in water. It sounds quite dangerous but it is actually very safe but Temporary. 

Botox or Botulinum Toxin: This method involves obstructing the nerves that produce sweat glands. It is a painful and a costly treatment, with several injections to be taken and this helps for 6 to 12 months, not more than that. 

Surgery: The best method to get rid of hyperhydrosis completely is through Surgery. This is a permanent treatment which involves complete removal of Sweat Glands or surgery to interrupt the nerve signal. 

Sweat Gland Removal: This surgery helps to eradicate Axillary hperhydrosis, meaning excessive sweating in armpits. It may leave some scars and also interrupts shoulder movements. 

Surgery to Interrupt Nerve Signals: This surgery helps to give freedom from Palmar Hyperhydrosis and Plantar Hyperhidrosis permanently. The patient needs to consult the best Neurologist before undergoing this kind of surgery. Endoscopic Transthoracic Sympathectomy This procedure involves cutting the nerves that carry messages from the sympathetic nervous system to the sweat glands and completely removing part of the nerve chain. This surgery permanently interrupts the nerve signal that causes the body to sweat excessively. 

Endoscopic Transthoracic Sympathectomy and Endoscopic Transthoracic Sympathotomy: The former surgery involves complete removal of the nerve chain that carries message from sympathetic nervous system to sweat glands and the later involves in the removal of the nerve to the second rib only. But both surgeries help in complete removal of hyperhydrosis and is a permanent treatment.

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Lib Dems launch manifesto

Lib Dems launch manifesto

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

An exhausted Charles Kennedy returned to the election campaign to launch a twenty page Liberal Democrat manifesto targeted at disaffected Labour voters, promising a fairer tax system and withdrawal from Iraq.

Entitled The Real Alternative the manifesto pledges to reduce the lowest rate of income tax, but increase the rate on those earning over £100,000 to 50%. The party would also scrap the unpopular local council tax in favour of a new local income tax. The manifesto also promises to remove hidden “stealth taxes”.

Under this system the party claims the poorest 15 million (25%) of people in Britain would be better off, and the middle 50% would be paying no extra tax.

The manifesto promised to scrap the controversial university tuition fees, increase services for pensioners and add £100 a month to the state pension, and train 21,000 new primary school teachers and 10,000 new police. A Lib Dem government would make eye and dental checks free, and reduce the cost of prescription medicine.

The Liberal Democrats were the only one of the three largest parliamentary parties to have consistently voted against the Iraq war, and the manifesto has promised an exit strategy with a phased withdrawal of Britain’s 8,000 troops still in the country.

“We reject a foreign policy based on ‘my ally right or wrong’,” Kennedy said. “And we say that war should always be a last resort.”

Kennedy, who became a father on Tuesday, admitted he’d had little sleep before the manifesto launch, and stumbled while answering questions on the proposed tax system.

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U.S. team unveils plans for F1 entry in 2010

U.S. team unveils plans for F1 entry in 2010

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A United States-based operation, known now as USF1, has unveiled plans to join the Formula One motor racing series beginning in the 2010 season. Team principal Ken Anderson and sporting director Peter Windsor officially launched USF1 in a live press conference broadcast on the US television channel Speed.

Ken Anderson has previously worked for the Ligier and Onyx Grand Prix Formula One teams, and most recently held the position of technical director for the Haas CNC Racing team in the American NASCAR series. Windsor has previously been general manager at Scuderia Ferrari and team manager for WilliamsF1 before taking up his current role as a journalist and reporter for the Speed channel.

USF1 would be based in Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States, unlike all eleven teams that participated in the 2008 Formula One season, which are based in Europe. Anderson also expressed a preference for the team’s drivers to be of American nationality. They confirmed that they do not yet have an engine supply contact but expressed a desire to contact all existing Formula One engine builders before signing one.

The team expressed an intention to be more open to fans than current Formula One teams in order to appeal to the US market. The possibility for fans to tour the factory and see the car being built as well as television shows showing the inner workings of the team were suggested. Windsor claimed that the team had received the backing of both Max Mosley, the president of Formula One’s governing body, and Bernie Ecclestone, president of Formula One’s commercial rights holders. No details were given on the team’s financial backers, however.

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