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Shooting And Dribbling Your Way To Good Health}

Submitted by: Aseya Me

In 1891, a Canadian physical education instructor named James Naismith faced a dilemma about continuing a sports program and having to do it indoors. At that time, most sports were held outdoors or in a wide, open field. It was the middle of winter and Naismith only had limited space to use to continue is P.E. classes.

To solve his problem, Naismith created a game for the students that focused on the use of skills and not merely the utilization of physical strength. He called this invention — basketball. Initially, players were made to dribble a soccer ball up and down a court and points were earned by shooting the ball into a basket. Naismith later developed the game by forming two teams of five active players each who tried to outscore each other by shooting the ball through a 10-feet high hoop or goal. The team with more points at the end of the game wins. Through time, basketball was developed into a sport with standardized and specialized skills.

Today, basketball is one of the most popular sports in the entire world. Its inclusion in the 1936 Olympics and the formation of the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1949 further boosted its popularity. The NBA, as the world’s premier basketball league, gave rise to many superstar athletes. Basketball fans were glued to their t.v. sets as they watched these athletes perform acrobatic and high-flying moves across the court.

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Traditionally, basketball has been a male-dominated sport. It was only in 1976 that women’s basketball was recognized as an Olympic sport. By 1996, more opportunities for female ball players opened up with the formation of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) as a counterpart to the NBA. In 2006, the WNBA became the first team-oriented women’s professional sports league that existed for 10 consecutive seasons. Women like Lisa Leslie, Sheryl Swoops, and Rebecca Lobo are now enjoying the limelight that was once enjoyed by Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Since its creation in 1891, the sport has already passed through several evolutions as a serious sports event. Aside from attaining its stature as a top-grossing sports and entertainment feature, it is also enjoyed by millions of amateurs and ordinary people who prefer a game that makes them sweat and have fun at the same time. As a sport, basketball provides a balance in terms of skills development, aerobic exercise, and competitiveness.

Participating in physical activities like basketball is beneficial to children, adolescents, and adults. Regular physical activity contributes to overall health and may aid in weight loss. Studies show that regular physical activity has the potential to promote enhanced self-esteem and reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety in children, adolescents, and adults with emotional disorders. People who partake in physical activities excrete substances called endorphins. These endogenous morphins, or endorphins, are the body’s natural pain-killer. Endorphins are released when a person’s physical activity has reached a moderate and high. These substances gives a moments of relaxation, which some health experts call the runner’s high. Endorphins make people ‘high’ and happy. Research show that people who exercise regularly have more energy and better self-esteem compared to their inactive counterparts.

People can improve their health and quality of life by picking a physical activity like basketball as a part of their lives. Being physically active early in life may bring many physical, social, and emotional benefits and may lead to good health.

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Se Portland Neck Pain Alleviated Naturally With Chiropractic}

Submitted by: Rhegie Taylor

Stiff neck? Suffering from whiplash? Experience tenderness, numbness or even tingling in your neck and shoulders? There is no need to pop painkillers or undergo invasive surgery to relieve your symptoms. Regular chiropractic care can help.

When most people think of chiropractics, they think of healing back troubles. While manipulations do concentrate on the overall spine, they can be used to heal any joint in the body especially joints that have undergone some sort of trauma or accident.

What Causes Neck Pain

The neck is made up of seven small vertebras, which if jostled or strained, can affect the muscles, ligaments and nerves along with the actual vertebrae. This can all lead to ongoing bouts of pain. Something as simple as a jolt, push or fall can inflame the nerves and discs in the neck and back. More severe trauma due to a car accident or work related injury can cause even more trouble.

Some of the most common causes of neck pain include:


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Cervical intervertebral disc injuries

Cervical sprain injuries

Degenerative joint syndrome of the neck

Facet joint sprain

What Can You Do For Neck Pain

Whether your neck pain is an ongoing problem, or has come on you quickly, modern chiropractics can help alleviate your most painful symptoms. Offering a variety of healing helps that are designed to tackle the underlying cause of your pain, chiropractic care consists of several treatment methods:

Manual Manipulation: the most common form of help used by a chiropractor is manual manipulation. This involved the doctor finding the posts of misalignment and gently moving those joints back into place. This is done with a gentle thrusting motion. Other manipulation techniques may involve the use of instruments to aid the chiropractor or a pumping action instead of the direct force used in most manipulations.

Muscle Exercises: manually stretching the joints with specified exercises can help reduce inflammation and restore the neck to a healthy state.

Trigger point therapy: this is a type of massage that helps to ease tightened muscles which could be causing neck pain.

Ultrasound: when the cause of chronic neck pain is deep in the muscles, sound waves can be sent deep into the muscles and tissues via ultrasound to help relieve stiffness.

How Does the Chiropractor Know How to Ease Neck Pain

Every patient is different, so that means that every treatment protocol is different. It is the chiropractors job to figure out which methods to use to alleviate each patients pain. During your first visit, the doctor will do a clinical exam, looking for the root cause of your pain. This may include a physical exam, x-ray or even an MRI to look for sprains, strains and herniation in the neck and spine. If nerve damage is suspected, an EMG may also be ordered. Once the doctor has a clear picture of the problem, he will devise a plan to fix the underlying issues and restore your neck to optimal health.

Where Can I Get the Help I Need?

Theres no need to suffer any longer. Get relief for your neck pain right away. The chiropractic staff at the leading SE Portland Chiropractic office have been treating patients for more than 20 years.

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7 Major Symptoms Of Colon Cancer Demystified}

Submitted by: JimC

The symptoms of colon cancer are not necessarily present in the initial stage of the problem. Most of the times they do not appear or are hard to detect until the problem reach to an advanced stage.

However, it is always better to know about those which can be detected. Mentioned below are some known symptoms of colon cancer. In case if any of the mentioned symptoms is present for more than a week, do seek advice of your physician about the screening for colon cancer.

Change in Bowel Habits

Tumor in the bowel brings an observed change in the habits like defecating. With the growth of tumor, you may feel the need of defecating less often and the large size of tumor will lead to constipation.

The only way to know this is to get regular screening done instead of waiting for the symptoms to appear on the surface.

Thinned Stool

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The presence of tumor causes obstruction and with the growth of obstruction there is reduction in the space around. In case the tumor is present at the side of the colon tube passage, it may result into the narrowing of the stool.

Cramping or Bloating in the Stomach

Another symptom in the list of colon cancer symptoms is bloating or cramping in the stomach. Boating may be due to a bowel obstruction while cramping may be the result of constipation or diarrhea. In the advanced stages of colon cancer, tumor perforating i.e. poking through near the wall of the bowel, can lead to extreme abdominal cramping.

Blood in the Stool

There may be blood in the stool which is due to the bleeding of the tumor. Nevertheless, if the tumor is present in the right colon, it is very much possible that the blood will dry up before the faeces are removed from the body. But if it is towards the left or in the rectum, it may remain fresh and thus will appear bright red.

Inexplicable Weight Loss

If you are losing weight without making any deliberate efforts, it is really something to ponder over. Often one has weight loss due to the fact that something wrong is going in the body. However, in colorectal cancer, unexplained loss in weight is one of the colon cancer symptoms and it indicates that the bowel is being blocked at some place, along the passage, by a tumor.

Exhaustion and Feelings of Fatigue

You are having proper sleep but still feel exhausted. There may be more than one reason and work load may not be the obvious one. The first possibility is that it may be due to anemia which takes place if the red blood cells are not able to carry sufficient oxygen as much they are required to. Consequently, you might feel exhausted. But it may also be due to tumors. Tumors can also be the cause of anemia.

Feel Like to Defecate but Not

You may feel like to go for defecation but you do not. This kind of sensation in the body may take place due to a tumor growing in the end of the colon or rectum.

The best option is to have screening for colon cancer on regular basis instead of depending on appearance of colon cancer symptoms.

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