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Submitted by: Ethan Walker III

With the various changes in lifestyle over the last decade or so, we have seen a huge increase in the number of cancer cases all around the world and especially in highly developed countries like the USA. The good news is there are significant natural cures for cancer that are available today. Though the occurrence of cancer has increased manifold, the treatment for the same has not progressed much and even today, with all the advances in the medical field, the success rate for the treatment is only about 3% and our medical advances havent been able to make much progress.

Though several treatments like chemotherapy are available for cancer, their success rate is very low and more often than not, they only slightly delay the end result rather than being a total cure. This is why it is important to look for natural treatments for cancer. It has to be understood that any natural treatment would not be a magic bullet which fights off cancer in a day. Rather, but it will be a slow ongoing process that will take some time to begin showing its effects. Since the early 1900s there have been a number of outstanding natural cancer cures that are more effective than current orthodox methods. We would cite the work of Dr. Max Gerson (Gerson Therapy) and Dr. Stan Burzynski (Burzynski Clinic in Houston) as examples. These have been suppressed by the medical establishment for monetary reasons.

It is a clear scientific fact that if the immune system of any person is strong, then he or she would be quite resistant to cancer or any other disease for that matter. So, one of the best treatments to get rid of cancer is to build your immune system as much as you can. This is a process that will occur over a period of time.

The next step would be to eliminate white sugar and junk foods as much as possible. It is proven that sugar tends to paralyze the white blood cells in our body and thus reduce its effectiveness against cancer and other diseases. So sugar should be avoided. Also, most of the junk food that we get nowadays, like sodas, juices and smoothies, has a lot of sugar and thats why it is important to avoid these. There is another reason to avoid sugar. Cancer cells do not use oxygen like normal cells. Instead, they use fermentation as a process of metabolism and this requires lots of sugar. Eating sugar is like throwing gasoline on the fire.

It would also help your immune system a great deal if you pursued a diet of fresh raw foods like fruits and vegetables. Yes, this is something that will be very difficult especially for people from this generation who are addicted to junk food but this kind of diet with raw food needs to be strictly followed until the cancer shows signs of going away or reducing.

It is also good to reduce saturated fatty food intake. They are usually found in all kinds of non-vegetarian food items like red meat and dairy products. These fats have been proven to make cancer even worse. So, stick to a low fat diet as much as possible to avoid or reduce cancer.

These are some of the basic natural treatments to follow for curing cancer. Of course, as mentioned earlier, there is no magic treatment for cancer and it is better that these methods are followed even for the prevention of cancer. The basic idea is to build the immune system as much as possible so that it can fight against the cancer cells and help in the treatment of cancer in the natural way. Go to and select “Cancer” from the navigation bar to read about many more effective alternative treatments and natural remedies for cancer.

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