Why You Need To Know Prevailing Foreign Exchange Rates

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Distances between countries and people migrating from them for better opportunities have reduced considerably due to advancement of technologies which keep you connected to others 24X7. Need to know foreign exchange rates has emerged from the need of vast number of people who have migrated from their country to a foreign country to have an easy option out to send money home or receive money from home. Apart from this need to know exact foreign currency rates has also emerged because of the widespread of Forex trading an easy way to get more from your currency exchange transaction.

Forex trading is all about money referenced as currency and how it can be or should be exchanged to gain from the increasing or decreasing currency exchange rate. It is called foreign exchange rates because the currency in which money is exchanged is foreign. Trading in Forex involves two different types of currencies and the difference in them makes up for the currency exchange rate. Changes in the foreign exchange rates is mainly due to the change in external factors like unemployment, international trade, GDP, trade reports, manufacturing, etc.


Let us take an example of a person staying in US who has to send money home to China to better understand the importance of foreign exchange rates. The person sending money home to China will have to convert dollars to Yuan (Chinese currency) to do so. Currently if the person has to send 1000 Yuan home he will need $149 at the currency exchange rate of 0.15. Concerned person will have to send more dollars if this exchange rate increases and less if it decreases. It is possible to benefit from the difference in the foreign exchange rates only if you know the actual exchange rate at the time and its probability to change.

Benefiting from the difference in currency exchange rates is not as simple and easy as it looks because you need appropriate skills and tools to keep an active eye on the changing foreign exchange rates and everyone is not expert at this. But do not get disappointed as there are different tools you can use to better your skills in the area. You can also benefit from different tools and services offered by masters in the field.

Forex trading is similar to stock market trading because both of them allow users to set minimum and maximum transaction limit. In the example as mentioned above if you expect that the foreign exchange rates between dollar and Yuan will decrease to 0.13 then you can set this as the minimum limit when the foreign exchange should take place. On the other hand you also have to select the maximum value at which you would wish to complete the transaction. It can be equal to 0.15 or more. When you set these limits your foreign exchange will take place only if the rate falls to your set limit of 0.13.

Thus it can be concluded that it is very important to know exact foreign currency rates to ensure that you benefit from your foreign exchange transactionss.

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