What Is A Sports Prediction Game?

Submitted by: Vincent Rogers

The definition of a sports prediction game is reasonably self explanatory. It’s a game in which you predict the outcome of sports events fundamentally. However, it can be a little more diverse and interesting than this basic description.

So let’s take a look at exactly what you can expect from a sports prediction game and, more particularly, those that are featured online.

First of all you need to actually find one. This shouldn’t be too taxing though. The Internet offers a wide variety of sites providing these games, with each one having its own unique identity.


For instance you might find that some cover a variety of sports whilst others focus on a particular discipline. Therefore you might find that you can predict the results of rugby, cricket, football, baseball, basketball or anything else that you enjoy. Equally though, you could also have the opportunity to provide your predictive powers to each one of these individually.

Ordinarily the games are structured in a way that you will receive points for guessing the correct score or result. There may be a tiered system for those who are able to get it exactly right compared to just choosing the winning team, although this will be completely dependent on the actual game that you’re playing.

These points will then be added to your total. It may be that you have a weekly, monthly and annual league (or a variation of these options), with all points going towards your final tally. For sports prediction games that use this kind of system, there are often prizes of some kind handed out to those who achieve the top positions throughout the year.

The prizes certainly aren’t always guaranteed. Some sites will offer them, others won’t. You could find though that you can collect a cash payout for the strength of your predictions. Equally, there’s also a chance that you might benefit from free tickets, equipment or other sporting merchandise as a reward. Each site will have their own system, so make sure you check beforehand.

There are often two distinct forms of sports prediction games, free and premium. When it comes to the free version, prizes are usually limited (although not necessarily) but membership numbers – and therefore competition – are far greater. You get all the thrill of comparing your sporting knowledge without having to give up your money.

On the flipside of this is the premium prediction game. Here you’ll have the chance to put your money where your mouth is and get some big cash prizes for being consistently excellent when constructing each round of sporting predictions. They are also far more likely to have weekly tournaments with to the top performers being rewarded.

So if you’re a bit of a sports buff and fancy competing with others in a battle of the minds, then sports prediction games will provide the perfect forum. You can chat amongst adversaries, show off your latest success and keep a track of your achievements right throughout the season. They are great fun and easy to get involved in online.

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