Wall Beds – Elegance With Minimalism

byAlma Abell

The innovative wall bed is well known by a good number of names.


Regardless of what you call it—Murphy bed, pull-out bed or simply wall bed— they are all the same. It is one of the optimal ways to save crucial space, especially in cramped places. The design of the bunk bed along with the style of the Murphy bed is a double-edged sword when it comes to saving on foot space.

If you like elegant minimalism with neutral tones, then wall bed is for you. With modern studios and apartments having to keep increased number of household appliances, you are sometimes not sure whether you can afford to keep a full size bed. Lovely shelves and an elegant bed layout combine to bring home modern, minimalist tones. This ergonomic bed ensures your floor space works as a multitasking space with an inimitable style. Kudos to the constantly embryonic technology, modern wall beds Oregon are coupled with both style and sizzle to go along with space consciousness.

A children’s bedroom with two Murphy beds is not too difficult to design. Since these are small single beds, a spacious room can easily accommodate a couple. Customized wall bed Oregon with a unique design can bring together iconic imagery and imaginative ergonomics. A perfectly located sliding door would help complete the transformation.

Thanks to William Lawrence Murphy, the person attributed with the unique Murphy bed plan design to circumvent the moral code in place in the early part of the 20th century that looked down upon a female accompanying a man in the bedroom. Bless old Murphy, who came up with this ingenious design that did wonders for him by changing his room into a living room! Yes, great stories do actually revolve around pretty women. The rest is history.