The Super Hot And Cool Ford Mustang Gt

By Al Wannestadt

Ford Mustangs have been commended for years on their consistently flashy looks and timeless aura. As of late, Ford’s muscle car has been matched and nearly surpassed by the Dodge Challenger and latest version of the Chevrolet Camaro. Ford met this challenge head on by immediately delving into new designs for their 2010 model that would help them stay at the top.

The newest Mustang shows changed details on almost every element of the car. The body of the car is redesigned with smoother more rounded features rather than the sharp, flatter features of the older versions. The grille is narrower and the signature GT fog lamps are redesigned. In their place are headlights that resemble those found on the 1970 Mustang. It also has the option of 19′ tires. The rear of the car has been modernized from the sharp rear wing to the new more rounded rear lip spoiler once again reminding you of one of their former models of Ford Mustang or even the older versions of the Mercury vehicles.


As far as the interior goes, previous models were described as barren and arid, with what felt like cheap plastic for the seats, and a squeaky chassis. I can’t completely agree with those opinions, as I have been a die hard fan of the mustang for years. However, I will agree that this time around they have put a wonderful new luxurious feel to the interior. It has roughly the same interior designs but with softer materials, and once again, a more modernized, rounded appearance. The center console is now non-existent to allow more room for shifting gears. Ford has also nixed the ashtray and relocated the electrical socket to the top of the dashboard rather than beneath the radio, which is reportedly to make it easier to power your navigation device.

As of yet, there are no customer reviews for performance with the new versus the old, so for now we’ll just have to take Fords word for it. The 2010 Ford Mustang GT comes equipped with a 4.6-litre V8, which is rated at 315 horsepower, 15 more than last years Mustang. It will run on unleaded fuel as well as premium, but is reported to get a better performance with the premium. The new ‘Stang goes from 0-60 mph in just over 5 seconds. The only thing Ford did not seem to update about this new version of the is the live axle design. Rather than switching to an independent rear suspension (IRS) they decided to stick with their design that has seen them through many years. This came as a surprise to those who were aware that both the Dodge Challenger and the Chevrolet Camaro come equipped with the independent rear suspension, but according to experts, much of the decision behind keeping the live axel was money motivated. There’s no way to know for sure until the accounting paperwork is leaked, but it is rumored to cost $100 per vehicle to convert to the IRS. Some even guesstimate up to $300!

Either way, the $27,995 base price of the 2010 Ford Mustang GT seems altogether a fair price for the fabulously designed car you’re getting. Once again, Ford stepped up their game with the Mustang, standing up to their competition, the new Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro. The 2010 Ford Mustang, new and redesigned, remains as timeless as ever.

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