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How You Can Make Money With Online Stock Trading


The stock market was viewed as a field with a higher degree of barriers to entry. However, through technological advancements, this is not the case anymore. Literally, anyone with a bit of capital can now open an online brokerage account and invest directly into the financial markets. But as the new entrants to the market increased in number, it became even more difficult to successfully make money in the long term through stock trading.

21st Century Stock Trading

Since the financial markets are easily accessible to the vast majority or the masses, this has significantly increased the volumes experienced in the exchanges. Due to increasing competition, some brokerage firms, even individuals with almost no capital to trade on, have leveraged their positions. Since the inter-connectivity brought about by new media has connected the global markets, it is extremely easy to invest in almost any type of financial instruments or even in international markets. Meaning even you can trade stocks online while having a job and familial obligations.

How to Make Money

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The basis of making money as a trader is to accurately gauge the value of a particular stock. A stock of a company doesn’t reflect the true worth of the company but rather the general public’s perspective of its worth. Meaning the price is subject to free market forces, i.e. demand and supply. Increasing demand would result in the price increasing as the supply remains constant and vice versa.

Due to the dynamic nature of a stock’s price, it is possible for a particular stock to get undervalued or overvalued. This is where the traders come in, they purchase undervalued stocks in the hope that it appreciates reflecting it’s true worth or sell overvalued stocks because the market always corrects any irrational behavior in the price.

Therefore, to successfully make money trading online stocks, it is imperative that the trader has the adequate analytical knowledge, which includes fundamental, technical, and economic analysis. Furthermore, it’s important to be aware of all the current events in the world, because events around the world have a huge influence on the sent the financial markets such as NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange in a downward spiral due to the uncertainty. And the market immediately recovered following the resolution in Washington.

The important thing to understand is that a trader can make money whether the market goes up or down. If the trader can successfully predict that a particular stock will lose value in the short term, they can short-sell the stock and acquire a decent return off it. Day traders can actually make money when the overall outlook of the market is negative. However, an optimistic or bullish market is a better time for a long term investor.

Trading Styles

There are different types of trading styles. Some are purely preferential while others are more compatible, based on the market scenarios and price behavior. These styles are explained as below:

  • Fundamental Trading – Fundamental traders trade based on fundamental analysis, which examines the core operations of a company and its performance, such as favorable financial reports, increased price-to-earnings ratio, and acquisitions.

  • Technical Trading – Traders who prefer to trade using technical analysis or the analysis of charts and price behavior. They utilize indicators and oscillators such as accumulation/distribution line, relative strength index, Aroon oscillator, and moving averages to determine the subsequent price behavior.

  • Momentum Trading – These traders trade along with the trend. Trend is the overall direction where the price is headed in retrospect. These traders identify trends and trade along with them. Once they feel that the trend is weakening or a technical reversal is identified, these traders close their position and look for the next trend.

  • Scalping – Scalpers are traders who make numerous and frequent trades throughout the day. This particular style of trading exploits, even the tiniest of margins, which can arise in the bid-ask spread. Scalpers are not restricted to a particular market however they are more inclined towards the Forex markets.

All forms of trading are associated with their respective risks. However, if your trading activities are successful, it can prove extremely lucrative. Trade Genie specializes in trading and investment advisory service, helping many traders in their path towards financial freedom.

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Become A Forex Ib To Benefit From A Lucrative Partnership

Become a Forex IB to Benefit From a Lucrative Partnership


Carrie Dorsey

Among the huge financial marketplaces of today, the world of foreign exchange is more popular than other first-rate investment alternatives like stocks, commodities and bonds. With an average of $4 trillion being traded every day, the never-ending numbers of profit possibilities are found in the biggest financial market on the planet.

Before anything else, let us give details regarding the forex IB or introducing broker and his/her role. Such brokers are persons or organizations that possess other persons who have a genuine interest in trading currencies. What the introducing brokers would perform is to offer their clients some of the best trading platforms and technologies of other renowned brokers, so that they can actively and professionally participate in the currency market. You are actually rendering them with greater investment chances that result in an improved forex partnership and popularity among your customers.

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When you develop into a foreign exchange IB, you acquire a commission on all the income brought forth by the client you have referred. Your customer is not going to pay further to compensate for this. You are secured by the brokerage firms who pay a percentage of the profits made by them. The IBs also receive updates on a daily basis pertaining to the status of their business in the form of reports that contain your rates of commission. This aids you in keeping up to date with your business round the clock.

One more benefit a forex IB enjoys is the fact that due to the fast development of foreign exchange as the most sought after investment option, you do have the possibility to catch the attention of big investors. Your status goes up when you are recognized as a noteworthy provider of financial services because such investors with huge capital have got their accounts handled by experts.

What is more, foreign exchange introducing brokers have the benefit of getting started without difficulty. You essentially need to determine what sorts of services you would like to offer your clients and seek the same from the prestigious brokers you have been associated with. Based on the trading volume of your customers, the brokerage agencies pay you a commission and other incentives. Large investors are likely to possess greater volumes. Thus, drawing in these classes of investors is an immense plus point as noted above.

With such a forex partnership, your customers derive a benefit from the striking components the foreign exchange market has to provide. These include round-the-clock trading, great leverage, top liquidity and the most dynamic marketplace in the world. You can broaden your horizons by building your portfolios with other lucrative roles such as forex IB. In addition, customers do not have to be professionals so as to be capable of trading the currency market. They can gain knowledge from the brokerage companies on their own using the training materials supplied. There are also managed accounts that assist the customer in flourishing in his investment undertaking. So, consider this new forex partnership seriously and earn more money than ever before.

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Quick Loans For Bridesmaids In Distress

By Landon Colins

The Bridesmaid Rush

In today’s economic uncertainties, more brides are requesting their chums to spend for their bridesmaid dresses. This is an accepted practice but when the dress has to be bought in a rush and you have no cash, this can be a problem. An option is to rent a gown, which is super cheaper than buying one from those plush bridal shops. Try one of those quick loans to get fast cash before the bride makes an appointment with the bridal shop.

Quick loans, as the name suggests, are speedy loans that will not keep you wondering if you can get the money ASAP before your friend pesters you with another reminder. Within a few hours after your application, you can get the money and rush to the bridal shop for a look-see.

Before getting a loan, look up online bridal shops to check the prevailing rental prices for bridesmaid dresses and accessories. You will need $200 for the gown, accessories, matching shoes, make-up and hairstyling. Quick loans offer a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $1000. So you are covered and nicely.

Why Rent Not Buy?

If the bride insists on a mint green gown, you can only cringe because you look hideous in that color. The option is to rent the gown and pray that you will survive the day. The rental includes the cleaning of the gown if you espy some stains; although alterations are not free of charge, renting the mint green dress is still much cheaper. Here’s a rundown on how far your $200 can make you feel like a princess:

* Gown – $55

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* Hairstyling from a neighborhood stylist -$80 (with free manicure and pedicure)

* Discounted shoes -$49

You still have a little left over for small items to jazz up your style – a sparkling hair clip, a new lipstick, and a spot of perfume. Thus, it is better to rent than to buy when you – have no budget for a new dress and you hate mint green.

Why Quick Loans?

Traditional lenders will not offer loans in the few hundred dollars and loan sharks can be a problem if you do not pay on the dot. With fast loans, you can get a $200 loan without any fuss. Discreet quick loans are available online. All you have to do is fill up the online application form and within hours, you’ll have money in your bank account.

But quick loans offer more:

* No credit checks

* Non secured loans

* Transparency in transaction

* Security of personal and financial information

* Fast electronic money transfers

These quick loans are usually paid within four days or 18 days, depending on your convenience. For your $200 loan, you’ll be paying back $250 – that’s a $25 for every $100 borrowed. This may be stiff, but in the light of the emergency, the relief is worth it. Just pay back the loan on time to keep yourself a financially fit ex or future bridesmaid. The next time you are asked to be a bridesmaid, you can get another fast loan.

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Married Couples Can Be Granted $20,000 Bad Credit Unsecured Loans Learn How

By Hilary M Bowman

Being married can definitely have its perks – you not only have a companion and a better tax bracket to file your income taxes in each year, but you also qualify for larger loan amounts, regardless of your bad credit. Many married couples are finding that filing a joint application for a bad credit unsecured loan gives them leverage with lenders who might ordinarily turn them down if they applied separately. Why?

Lenders Love Borrowers With Two Incomes

There are many factors that a lender will take into consideration when you need to borrow money, and borrowing money without collateral, as is the case with an unsecured loan, has special implications. Lenders need to know before they open their wallets to grant money in the form of an unsecured loan that the borrower has sufficient income to repay them. This holds true for borrowers with amazingly clean credit reports as well as those borrowers who have experienced financial difficulties and have less than ideal scores; everyone who borrows money must prove to potential lenders that they can pay it back.

For many lenders, the ability that the borrower has to repay them is more important than a few derogatory comments that the credit report of the borrower might hold. Therefore, a married couple with two incomes has a greater chance of getting the unsecured loan that they need than a single person because there is more money coming into the household to repay the lender because the lender will use the combined income of the couple in making their determination of creditworthiness as well as unsecured loan limits.

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Determining Your Interest Rate

The lender of your unsecured loan will also look at credit performance in the past for both you and your spouse. The amount of interest that you will pay on your unsecured loan will be directly proportionate to your FICO credit score. Remember, however, that paying a bit more interest now will garner you better rates on future loan products that you might wish to obtain, and that your unsecured loan will start to add valuable points to your credit score when you begin repayment.

Additionally, like many borrowers, you may find that after just a year or so of solid payment history with your new lender you will be able to refinance your unsecured loan to a lower interest rate to reflect your newly developed responsible borrowing behavior.

Bigger And Better Future Loans

Developing responsible borrowing habits is simple. Be certain to make your payments on time every month and to pay as agreed; never make partial payments unless you have an extreme emergency and the lender has agreed for you to do so. Even one late payment can have severely negative consequences on your credit score and your ability to take out future loans, so avoid paying late at all costs. A good rule of thumb is to pay a week early, and to pay online if the lender offers that option.

One of the best sources of unsecured loans is the Internet. Online lenders offer greater rates of approval for borrowers from all credit situations and histories.

About the Author: Hilary Bowman is the author of this article. She works successfully as a financial advisor with years of expertise on

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Hawthorne Effect, An Examination

By Jim Owens PMP



The Hawthorne Effect was extrapolated from, and some years after, research performed by Professor Elton Mayo and his team, in the Hawthorne plant of Western Electric, between the years 1927 and 1932. The research attempted to measure the effect of changing physical setting of working conditions on staff performance. It is suggested that the Hawthorne Effect affects outcomes because the subjects of an experimental intervention are aware that they are being observed and because they are receiving extra attention. Experts are divided on the veracity of the Hawthorne Effect, whilst others accept the conclusion, but reject the experiments as an unsuitable means for proving it.

The Hawthorne Effect


Professor Elton Mayo of Harvard University led a team of researchers that conducted a series of experiments at the Hawthorne plant of Western Electric, at Cicero Illinois, between the years 1927 and 1932.

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Robbins (1988) says that the Hawthorn Effect was not derived at the time the studies were performed, but was extrapolated later from the results of three groups of illumination experiments carried out at Hawthorne. These results are often offered as proof of the theory.

The suggestion is that increasing illumination levels for the experimental group resulted in increased performance, but subsequent and significant reductions in illumination levels, produced further increases in performance, thereby proving that a group under examination will perform better simply from the knowledge that they are being observed, and because of special attention they receive from management, researchers and peers. That is the effects on performance are psychological.

Harris (2002) gives a synopsis of the Effect, as is generally accepted, The Hawthorne Effect was formulated during the first time-management study, circa 1932, that included employee opinions and preferences.

Psychologists, at the Chicago-based Hawthorne Plant of Western Electric, employed a variety of interventions to improve employee morale and productivity (Diaper, 1990). Independent variables included variations in levels of lighting, room temperature. and length and scheduling of rest periods. Improved morale and increased productivity were observed, temporarily, in response to each of the interventions. Consequently, it was concluded that the experiment, itself, i.e., interest in and involvement of the employees, induced positive attitudinal and behavioral responses. The outcomes of the experiment became known as the Hawthorne Effect, i.e., any change in the physical environment or social interaction that includes input by the target audience is likely to induce, at least temporarily, measurable changes in attitude or behavior.

Adair et al (1989), quoting Adair (1984), isolated the features of the methodology that led to the Effect, Examination of Hawthorne control practices of educational researchers indicates that three salient features of the original studies have been identified as the primary source of the methodological artefact: the special attention subjects received from their observers and supervisors; awareness of their participation in an experiment; and the novelty or unique features of the experimental activity (Adair, 1984).

However Merrett (2006) suggests that the experiments results from the Hawthorne experiments do not necessarily support the theory, The results of these experiments indicated not only that experimental groups who worked with progressively greater illumination produced more (which was fully expected) but that groups produced more who did not have more illumination, and indeed even those groups whose illumination was progressively decreased produced more. Whatever the relation between illumination and productivity, it could not be disentangled from the influence of other variables. No detailed interpretation of these seemingly contradictory results was, therefore, attempted.

Adair et al (1989) performed a set of 86 experiments to test the Hawthorne Effect, from which they concluded, there was no evidence of an overall Hawthorne effect. The mean effect associated with Hawthorne manipulations was non-significant, and hence such groups essentially could be regarded as no different from a no-treatment control. Moreover, a detailed analysis of these studies by their control procedure, and subsequently by other moderator variables, also revealed no systematic trends to suggest a specific artefact to pose as an alternative concern.

Others suggest that the Hawthorne Effect is no more that a legend, for example Occupational Medicine (2006), quoting Gale EAM. The Hawthorne studiesa fable for our times? Q J Med 2004;97:439449, states These at least seem to be the main facts behind the popular legend, although these particular experiments were never written up, the original study reports were lost, and the only contemporary account of them derives from a few paragraphs in a trade journal.

Despite concern with the veracity of the Hawthorne Effect however, if is still often quoted in contemporary research, for example Tan (2004) on the Effects of Background Music on Quality of Sleep in Elementary School Children, Another explanation for the significant experimental effect could be attributed to a Hawthorne effect. In other words, there is a possibility that subjects might be responding to the treatment due to their awareness of participation. This might also be the explanation for why subjects in the control group also showed improvement in their sleep quality.

So whether the Hawthorne Effect actually exists or not is uncertain, but even if it does, it is not viewed by some as a valid conclusion from the original experiments performed at Hawthorne, even if they could be found.

About the Author: Jim Owens PMP is a career Project Manager, presenter and PMP instructor. Jim is director of Certification with PMI Western Australia Chapter, Columnist with

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