A Magic Wallet For Your Man? Maybe.}

A Magic Wallet for Your Man? Maybe.


Bradlley Mckoy

Men are so hard to shop for. There is hardly a woman in this world that has brought her man something that she thought she would really, really, really love only to find it buried deep within his closet and his memory. Worse, she could get to see the confused look on his face asking “are you sure this is for me?”

A gift that would stand a better chance than a snowball in hell of ever getting used would probably be something with an electric requirement, or something that he can use to tinker around the house with. But do you want to risk spending a couple of hours explaining something to the police or paying double for something that you could have called a professional to fix in the first place? (Unless of course, HE is the professional, then that would be a good investment.)

Turn Off the Power

Only a six year old child can get away with giving his male relatives a hand made magic wallet that he learned to make by watching YOUtube. You would have to try a little harder, and spend quite a bit more. A magic wallet was actually first used by waiters to keep order slips and money bills organized. The basic design of a magic wallet is that it has two compartments attached together by two bands in such a way that both compartments are reversible.

That’s why giving a magic wallet isn’t a bad idea per se, you’re better off buying a nice professionally made one. It might take a bit of practice to get used to flipping through a magic wallet, but it’s a practical thing to have, with all those hidden compartments, and easy access.

To add a bit of old fashion shine to his wardrobe, you can also try giving him a pair of men’s cufflinks, for those formal occasions that you need to drag him to, kicking and screaming, maybe, but elegantly dressed, definitely. If you can’t find an occasion to make him use them, set one up yourself.

If his more of the couch athlete type that the theatre goer, buy him a couple of game tickets, if you can stand it, go with him, if you can’t stand it, let him go on a boy’s day out with his best bud. Men do need some time for male companionship anyway. Just to show you’re a real good sport about it, give him a flask with his favorite team’s logo on it. NFL flasks have the rights to reprint these logos, and you can be pretty sure you’re getting the correct design.

It’s the Thought That Counts

Of course there’s no such thing as a “wrong” gift, (though the words politically incorrect are sometimes applicable), but if you are going to spend your hard earned money on something that you’re going to give to someone you love and care for, it’s always prudent to spend some quality time to think about it, as well.

For men, why not consider

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A Magic Wallet for Your Man? Maybe.