5 Best Air Conditioners Brands In India}

Submitted by: Suzain Nair

With increasing humidity and increased summer days the demand for air conditioners has also increased. And as the demand increases the production and innovations also rise up. For consumers all the air conditioners brands are trying to provide with best quality ACs and among all of them some have taken a lead and become the the best, which are

HITACHI:- 1 ton Kampa RAU512HUDD Split AC: Hitachi is a japanese multinational company which provides its consumers with many good features in air conditioners, Hitachi air conditioners in India has been consistent and reliable in operating and integrating with self cleaning techniques. Hitachi 1 ton Kampa split air conditioner is one of the best air conditioner of Hitachi air conditioners and has many good features like

this split air conditioners have 3880 W cooling capacity, with BEE 5 star rating and 37 dB indoor noise level.

it provides with auto power save mode, auto restart, auto fan speed,cool mode and dry mode

Hitachi air conditioner India with its Hitachi 1 ton kampa split gives the customers options like low derating, lower pull down time, on and off timer with advanced startup, selectable fan speed and silent cooling

It comes with wireless LED remocon and filter clean indicato

not just these it comes with pre coated fins that prevent corrosion and rusting in the bad weathers

It grabs the first place as hitachi kampa model is highly energy efficient and provides with many new features and has a good demand in the market.

BLUESTAR:- Bluestar India is a central air conditioner company providing ACs for almost all purposes like from home to offices to corporate, one such AC model of bluestar is very much in demand is Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5HW18SA1 Split Air Conditioner, this Bluestar air conditioner comes with many great features such as


this AC features 5260 W cooling capacity and comes with a star rating of 5

this model comes with many new modes, have a display panel and remote control with large LCD which helps in the night as it comes with night glow function

this is among the best air conditioner among Bluestar other models as it serves with 4 different modes such as auto, sleep, and dry with turbo operations.

not just this it has a memory backup and even the auto restart function which helps in ensuring that the users in case of power cut gets perfect sleep

it comes with wide angle airflow, fixed and swing louvres, airflow direction control and multi-fan speed

This comes in the top 5 list as it is highly energy efficient and comes with new features and is best for both homes and offices and does not have a high rate which helps users to go for this.

LG L-PRIMA 1.5TR HOT & COLD:- LG is a south korean multinational electronics company and serves in almost all electronics appliance and is a very trusted brand for air conditioners. This windows model of LG is one of the best windows AC with effervescent features and new modes

it has dual protection filter which provides with a special fine mesh filter which kills the bacteria

It comes with a new intelligent LG Dry Mode, where the fan works at the lowest speed in the dry mode, ensuring more contact with saturated air, which helps in dehumidification

this air conditioner is specially designed with a thought of comfortable temperature throughout the yea

they work intelligently to give consumers the best comfort in every season

It also helps to cut down the electricity bills as compared to conventional heate

LG air conditioners in India comes with many variants to give its users with new products and features and increase its popularity in the market.

SAMSUNG S-CRYSTAL+ AR18FC3EGBH 1.5 TR:- Samsung is one of the renowned companies in the world and is known for its electrical goods, it comprises all electrical appliances and provides users with best of quality, Samsung air conditioners in India comes with a product which is S-Crystal model, it is a split air conditioner which provides with many good features and is among the best buy for users, it has

a very new Multi Jet Technology which helps in for efficient, fast cooling, easy installation

energy saving mode for low electricity bills

a new technology of Virus Doctor which eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and virus present in the ai

it withstands voltage fluctuations from 135V -290V with Stabilizer Free operation

VOLTAS 1.5 Ton 5 Star 185 EY IM-R/S Split Air Conditioner:- Voltas started in the year 1954, and mainly works in for air conditioners, it has been one of the leading companies for its air conditioners and provides with most long lasting and durable air conditioners, one model from Voltas air conditioner is Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star 185 EY IM-R/S Split Air Conditioner and it comes with

it comes with many new filters like the anti dust filter, silver ion, vitamin C, catechin

it has a fin system installed having Hydrophilic Aluminium Blue

it comes with LED Display, Self Diagnosis, Antifungal Clean, Auto Restart

it has sleep mode, turbo, swing, lock, fungus proof, glow buttons, dual temperature display

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