15 Great Ideas To Keep Your Dog Cool In Hot Weather}

15 Great Ideas To Keep Your Dog Cool In Hot Weather



Dogs are unable to speak English so theyre never actually going to shout out Hey, can you turn the AC up!

BUT That doesnt mean they dont overheat, just like we humans do!

So if your dog is lethargic, panting and generally looking down and its a stinking hot day then its very possible that they are suffering in the heat.

Here are some super simple tips and ideas that you can put into play straight away to keep them cooler.

Outside the house:

1. Water

If your dog is at home then consider using a shallow water bath to keep them cool and if you have natural water nearby, then head out for a cooling off.

Water can be a life saver for a large breed dog such as a German Shepherd or Malinois and a great source of amusement (A word of warning though, do not leave dog near unattended pools as they can easily drown if they cant find the way out).

2. Shade

Dogs need an area where they are out of the sun. Black dogs especially will heat up very fast if they are in direct sunlight.


3. Trees

Planting a shady tree is an excellent idea if you have a dog who is going to be around for a while. According to EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) Trees and vegetation lower surface and air temperatures greatly by providing shade and through evapotranspiration. In fact they state that shaded surfaces may be 2045F (1125C) cooler than the peak temperatures of unshaded materials.

4. Ice cubes

Consider the use of ice to cool things down. Many dogs love chewing ice cubes, licking chicken flavoured ice blocks, eating their dinner frozen. And another use is to simply add them to your dogs soaking area and drinking water.

5. Consider a good clip

Many dogs have their coats regularly clipped and it makes a huge difference to their core body temperature. Chat to a groomer about whether your dog could benefit from a clip.

6. Consider a good groom

By brushing your dog you can often remove much of the old coat that traps the heat close to their body. Some dogs will even shed a winter coat which needs to be removed.

7. Avoid hot ground

Many people are unaware of how hot the ground is, such as sand (where I live, we have dark sandy beaches which get so hot you could fry an egg in a few seconds!)

At your home make sure the ground your dog is lying on is not heating up too much. Even a simple wooden pallet can create good air flow under a dog to help cool them. If you are walking your dog, try find a cooler route to the destination (see sign below), carry them, or consider the use of doggy boots.

8. Breeze

Often dogs will find where the cool breeze is blowing (something we may not notice)give them the opportunity to locate and enjoy this

9. Avoid walking in the heat of the day

There is no rule that says you must walk your dog every day. And there is a saying which goes Mad dogs and Englishmen lie out in the midday sun (Yes I am English and I see the funny side to this!) The point it thisdo not take your dog walking in the intense heat, take them in the morning when its cool or wait till the evening your dog will thank you for it!

Inside the house:

10. Use a fan

Blowing the air around can help circulate cooler air.

11. Avoid warm rooms

Consider keeping the dog in the rooms with few windows that receive direct sunlight. Often one or two rooms in a house will get all the sunlight and heat up all the other rooms. By simply closing these doors you can keep the area with your dog in much cooler.

12. Air conditioning

Well, I guess it speaks for itself. Please dont be too tight to not share the AC with your dogs on a hot day.

13. Shade

Avoid putting your dogs crate in the sunlight if its hot you dont want to trap them in it.

14. Ice packs

For very hot dogs especially those who struggle to breathe in the heat you could consider the use of ice packs.

15. Marble floor

Now Im not suggesting that you replace your carpet with marble but I am pointing out that some materials inside the house will help your dog cool down Lying on cold marble or a concrete floor is one way dogs that dogs can quickly lose heat!

Okay folks, hope that gives you some ideas to try

Everybody Be Cool!

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