The Benefits Of Doing A Leg Press

byAlma Abell

The leg press is a common exercise that people do in order to build endurance and strength in their calves and thighs. You need a proper machine to do the exercise. You place your back at an angle to the floor, and fix your legs in between the weights. Once you remove the locks, the weight will push down on your legs. You must push the weight back away using only your legs. The diagonal sled type machine is perhaps the most popular as it uses weighted disks to create resistance, and there are adjustable safety brackets on the machine. The cable leg press is also a popular machine used in multi-gyms. The cable machine is different, since the person is supposed to sit upright and push the weight forward in a horizontal direction.

Many people often end up confusing this exercise with squats. Both are actually quite different, and offer different benefits. Here are just four of the main benefits of doing a leg press:


Muscular Legs

Whether you are into running or just want to build muscles in your legs, doing this exercise is important if you want to strengthen your legs. Since the exercise focuses primarily on the major leg muscles and not the stabilizer muscles, it will help you add bulk to your legs much faster than other forms of exercise.

Helps You Reduce the Pressure on Your Back

One of the biggest benefits of this exercise is that it doesn’t put direct pressure on the spinal column. For people who have chronic back problems, doing this exercise is a great way to mitigate pressure on your back and feel lighter.

Alternative to Squatting

Most people don’t realize that squatting isn’t an absolute requirement in the gym, especially if you aren’t into powerlifting. While this isn’t exactly the same type of exercise, it could be a viable alternative.