Lock Your Worries Away And Jam Your Security Problems With A Security Door Jam

By William I. Neil

Times have changed. A person can no longer have a good night’s sleep in their home despite living in a quiet neighborhood since robbery and crime is now lurking in almost all places Even for a tightly guarded suburban community, burglary is now a common problem. With the financial crisis at hand almost anyone, even the most innocent looking individuals, are forced into doing robbery such as breaking into homes just to have a decent meal for their hungry family.

Home securities are a good investment and a definite must-have these days not just to protect our properties and assets that we have worked hard for, but most importantly our love ones who will protect no matter what. A door is held only together by a latch, dead bolt, and plate. Security door jam stop doors from being pried open inwards by outsiders. It is portable, lightweight, set-ups in a few minutes, and can withstand a force of 500 pounds; all of these features and it does not even damage your doors.

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Unfortunately not all security door jams are made the same, you really must do your homework before placing your trust and the safety of your household on such an item, there are reports or break-ins where the homeowners used a cheap door jam only to be found it shattered into pieces by burglars. Do not fall prey under a false sense of security, cheap security door jams does not offer anything but hurt your wallet. A well invested quality security door jam serves as an important extra security tool in an exposed spot like your doors. There are a lot of types and sizes of door jams available for your needs and budget. Also, do not be afraid to get help from your friendly store clerk since some door jams need extra chiselling of the door frame for a tighter fit. Installing door jams are easy; first you have to make sure that your door opens inwards, since installing a security door jam to a door that open outwards will have no use at all.

The next step is to measure how wide your door is, and then depending on the model of the door jam you might have to carve off a section of the door frame so that the door jam will fit. Afterwards you have to install the brackets with long screws at either side of the door which will hold the door jam in place, just make sure you position it so it would not pose as an obstacle for you entering the door. Once you followed all the above instructions then you are ready to set your home security system, simply lock your doors normally and let the security door jam serve as a strong barrier from letting intruders open your doors. If you want to go out and open your doors, simply lift up the security door jam and tuck it away for storage until you want to secure your doors again. Following the above steps will enable you to have a safe, protected and secure home to relax to and take away your worries.

About the Author: William I. Neil is an architect, providing home improvement information and business directory listing about security door jam also categories, e.g. glass door security

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