The Types Of Chairs Available When Buying A Chair

The Types of Chairs Available When Buying a Chair


Pete Nisbet

When buying a chair, it is advised that you first understand the types of chairs available to you, and how you can tell a good chair from a bad one. If there is just one single tip that you will listen to, it is never to buy a chair online before you have first sat on it. In fact, you do not sit on a chair – you sit \’in\’ it!

That is because a chair is a combination of components: the seat (which you sit \’on\’), the back and the arms (a combination of which you sit \’in\’). If your chair has no arms, it is still a chair, but if it also had no back, it is a stool! So when buying a chair, make sure you sit in it and make sure it is comfortable for you. There is no standard angle for the back of a chair or the height of the seat, so not all chairs will feel comfortable to you.

That said, this is not about reviewing chairs or even offering tips about buying a chair. It is more about explaining the range of different types of chairs available to you – specifically living room chairs. Here are the more common types of chairs for your living room you will generally find on a furniture website, although it should be understood that some sofas also offer similar options as chairs do:

Buying a Chair – Armchairs

You will normally purchase your armchairs along with your sofa as part of a living room \’suite\’ or \’collection\’ However, even then you have choices since some are more than just seats. Here are some examples.



Recliners are types of chairs where the back reclines to enable you to lie back in a more comfortable position. Some are 2-way recliners, where a foot rest also lifts to enable to stretch out your legs. Such chairs are ideal for those suffering bad backs, arthritis and other musculo-skeletal problems.

Lift Chairs:

This type of chair lifts and tilts forwards to help people sit down and stand up. It is again a useful chair for older people and those with arthritis and other conditions that make it difficult for them to bend to sit down. You can get 2-way and 3-way lift chairs, and the latter will not only tilt, but also adjust height, enabling you to reach an almost standing position before you simply push off slightly and stand.


Rockers are the modern version of the old rocking chair, although you can still get the latter. Some furniture companies offer gnarled hickory rockers that are the epitome of the old rockers your great grandma would have used on her verandah. Modern armchair rockers have a rocking mechanism installed that allow you to rock back and forth in the same way – but the original designs are still available if your prefer that.


These are armchairs that offer a swinging action very similar to the old porch swing. You can rock back and forth using the glider mechanism – though like a swing rather than a rocker.

Many of these options are also available in chairs without arms, but the general principle is the same. In addition to armchairs, which are the most common form of living room chairs, you have the option of several occasional chair styles.

Loveseats and \’Chair and a Half\’

Loveseats are a form of sofa to be truthful, although most regard them as double chairs, most likely originally for courting couples according to the name. Unlike sofas, each person cannot move away from the other, and also unlike individual armchairs, there is nothing separating them. Many people use loveseats as accent pieces (and hide them when the daughter\’s boyfriend visits!).

A chair and a half is a chair that is longer than a regular armchair and shorter than a loveseat. It is suitable for well-built people who find a regular chair too narrow and constrictive. Young couples might snuggle together on a \’chair and a half\’ so keep an eye on them!

Occasional Chairs

Occasional chairs are individual items of living room furniture that need not fit the general style of furniture in the room. The types of chairs that can be referred to in this way include traditional hickory rocking chairs, individual lift chairs for a specific family member and chairs that have been purchased for their looks, value or historical relevance.

For example you might come across a beautiful Colonial chair that doesn\’t fit in with your Mission style, but you must have it, or a beautifully carved chair in the style of the French Louis XIV period – expensive, but that would also be described as an occasional chair. When buying a chair you don t always stick to your theme.

There are many different types of chairs available to you, but, as long as you are aware of what each is, you should have no difficulty in buying a chair that is most appropriate to your needs – or the needs of your family!

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