Making Safe Choices For Denver Cosmetic Surgery

Making Safe Choices For Denver Cosmetic Surgery


Wayne Hemrick

Denver plastic surgery can make dramatic changes in one’s appearance, but it pays to take care when considering a particular plastic surgeon. Not all surgeons are alike, and the amount of experience a surgeon brings has a profound effect on the final outcome of the cosmetic surgical procedure. Because the surgeon’s qualifications are so important a consideration, you may want to contact several surgeons and set up initial consultations with them before you commit to having any Denver cosmetic surgery performed.

Plastic surgeons offer many types of Denver plastic surgery procedures, which can include Denver liposuction, Denver breast augmentation and Denver mini facelifts. Not all physicians have received the same training for performing these types of Denver cosmetic surgery, however. Only physicians who are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery are fully qualified to perform Denver plastic surgery on the face and body. Unfortunately for the consumer, any physician with a valid medical license in most states can list themselves as a plastic surgeon, even though they may not have the experience of the American Board-certified surgeon. It is up to the consumers to protect themselves by thoroughly researching each plastic surgeon before making a decision to go ahead with Denver cosmetic surgery.


You also want to consider the facility in which the Denver plastic surgery will be performed. Many surgeons offer the privacy of a surgical suite in their offices, but if something goes amiss, you want to make sure that your surgeon also has privileges to operate in an accredited hospital.

Patients should also take a close look at advertising for Denver liposuction and other cosmetic procedures being offered by a physician. If a physician is offering a service that sounds too good to be true, which might include Denver liposuction that can be done using laser or ultrasound, you will want to take into consideration that neither of these modalities have had adequate studies performed on the liposuction procedure, and consumers should be cautious.

The same caution should be applied for Denver breast augmentation and Denver mini facelifts in terms of claims made in advertisements as compared to what the truth is. Non-surgical procedures and procedures using only local anesthesia, even though they may be approved by the FDA, does not mean that they are effective, only that they are considered safe by the FDA. The bottom line is that the success of your surgery is mostly dependent on the amount of experience your surgeon has, so it is always best to inquire as to the amount of training in years the physician has had in plastic surgery, as well as the number of years spent doing plastic surgery as well as the number and type of cosmetic surgery procedures performed by the physician. This, plus the appropriate accreditation, will give you the information that you need to choose a competent surgeon who is knowledgeable about the surgery you want performed.

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