Pride Of Tirunelveli}

Pride of Tirunelveli


pavaniMany places and communities they are known for something popular, like Uttar Pradesh, is known for Rice crops, Darjeeling for Tea leafs. There are some dishes too like payasam (Dessert) from Kerala and The landmark of TamilNadu, the pride city Tirunelveli is known for the land of sweets! It just picks up my jaw from the floor when I hear Tirunelveli Halwa, I am sure there is no other place that can prepare this mouth watering dessert as authentic has it is.It is the traditional touch they carry through practice that made them this famous even now at this competitive stage. Almost everybody who visits the town is certain to taste the traditional and authentic Halwa. There are few who visit just for tasting Tirunelveli Halwa

. The aura of glory that shines out within the nuts is truly mouth smacking. There are a lot of variety like Tirunelveli Halwa (dark brownish), High Ghee halwa (light brown that shines like the sea when the sun reflects), Tirunelveli Karpatti Halwa (this stands out little different from these two because it is made of jaggery) the combination for Tirunelveli Halwa is Garlic mixture. It is little expensive compared with other Halwa’s but it is truly worth the money or better! We are spending on something that is healthy.

Wheat is said to have hundred and one Nutrition Facts there is so much of health benefits involved in that, when it comes with sugar it is an energy maker, last but not the lest the goodness of ghee and nuts is simply tremendous especially for your mental illness and proper blood flow There are quite a few shops in Tirunelveli which is like really old; Iruttu Kadai Halwa shop is the oldest. They offer unique and distinctly flavored delicious Halwas (the crowed is worth watching) this shop owns so much of love and it is definitely because of the taste they serve. Citizen over here trust, the Tirunelveli Halwa

gets its exceptional taste as it is prepared in the water from the river Thamirabharani.

Tirunelveli halwa is simple to prepare at a house as, there is very less and natural healthy ingredients utilized during the process of cooking Tirunelveli Halwa unfortunately in cooking the taste just don’t lie only with the ingredients, right? It needs that passion, time and patience with appropriate quantity to get the best quality and I am sure there are many home chefs who craft this intensely brilliant. But how many of us can travel all the way to Tirunelveli the moment we feel like munching this heavenly halwa? Those are the times, personally and honestly almost every time when I feel like eating Tirunelveli Halwa or direct from the ‘the irrutu kadai store.’ The online shopping HITS! It will deliver at my doorstep within two days! What more can I ask for? When I get the awesome priced fresh Tirunelveli halwa neatly packed. Like the river flows towards the sea let, let this soulful dessert reach your belly!

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