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Get Shoei Quality At A Great Price With The Shoei Tzr Helmet

Get Shoei Quality at a Great Price with the Shoei TZR Helmet



The Shoei TZR is a good choice for those who are looking for an entry-level option for entering the Shoei family of helmets. As with all Shoei helmets, the TZR is a high-end, hand-built Japanese helmet that is made with top-notch materials and craftsmanship. As an entry-level helmet, however, the Snell 2005-certified Shoei TZR does not feature the same features as other Shoei helmets. Still, it offers a high level of quality at a much lower price than the other helmets in the Shoei line.

Getting Vented with the Shoei TZR Helmet

Although the Shoei X-11, which is the flagship model within the Shoei line of helmets, certainly vents better, the TZR still has a very good venting system. The controllable front air intake is easy to operate even while wearing gloves. Although there is no exhaust vent in the back of the helmet, there is a vent on the neckroll that does move a significant amount of air. For its price, the Shoei TZR does outperform other helmets at its price point in terms of ventilation.

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Keeping it Light and Aerodynamic with the Shoei TZR Helmet

Shoei takes a great deal of pride in its work. As such, the company runs its helmets through a wind tunnel in order to achieve the most aerodynamic design possible. The same holds true with the Shoei TZR.

In addition to offering an aerodynamic design, the Shoei TZR is very lightweight. In fact, it weighs in at only 3.5 pounds. Not only is the helmet very comfortable in your head, it also feels very light in your hand. Therefore, you can be certain the helmet will not create neck fatigue while wearing it.

Getting the Right Fit with the Shoei TZR Helmet

As with all Shoei helmets, the Shoei TZR runs true to size. Therefore, you can trust the Shoei sizing charge when selecting your helmet. The Shoei TZR also features a moderate shape, which means most people find the helmet to be comfortable unless their heads are extremely round or oval in shape.

To help achieve an even greater fit, the cheek pads can also be removed and replaced in the Shoei TZR helmet. It should be noted, however, that the top liner is fixed.

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Dawes Bikes All About This British Bicycle Maker

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Dawes bikes have been in the cycle manufacturing business for over a 100 years now. They offer a decent collection of road cycles. The Dawes Bicycle company was founded in the year 1906 in Birmingham, UK when Charles Dawes merged business with a cycle company that was originally called Humphries & Dawes. The Humphries were in the business of manufacturing motorcycles, which they continued doing while Dawes concentrated on Road Bicycles for the Racing Cycle market. By 1926 Dawes Cycles was fully established and it focused on the production of cycles. Dawes Cycles are famous for their quality as they are hand built by an extremely skilled and experienced workforce. One of the best selling Dawes Cycles in the cycle market was the Dawes Galaxy a Road Bike which was especially built for Touring, and that is still being made today and also the Dawes Super Galaxy. The new range of Dawes Road Cycles includes the Dawes Giro range with the Giro 200, Giro 300, Giro 400 and Giro 500 and all of them differ slightly to cater to a wide range of consumers and wallets. The current best selling road cycle is the Giro 500 the frame is built from double butted alloy 6061 with carbon stays and an Alloy Steerer with carbon blades. The finishing kit of the Giro models, are all of the best quality. The Sportif Ultra Ti comes form the Dawes Sportif range, the price of the Sportif Ultra ti is similar to that of the Giro 500. The Sportif Ti is made from hi tech Titanium and built for comfort with a low weight and Sportif/Audax geometry the ride characteristics of the Sportif 3AI/2.5V are superb and give comfort that only titanium frames can give- rigid, and comfortable with carbon forks, Shimano Ultegra compact gear set and WH-RS20 wheels. So, if one is looking for high quality hand made cycles with a long tradition of comfort and service, then Dawes Road cycles are the answer which would help you in the sport of road cycling.

Dawes Bike Offerings

Dawes was one of the first companies to produce a complete single speed mountain bike, the Edge One.

Some vintage Dawes cycles have a distinctive curved seat tube that parallels the rear wheel closely, in order to reduce the wheelbase.

This British brand of bicycle has a long heritage of making great quality bikes. From tandem to folding bikes, and even BMX and freestyle bikes, Dawes has what you need. You can even convert one into a Dawes fixed gear bike (why not!). Check out these different styles and offers and figure out if Dawes is the bike brand for you. You just might find what you’re looking for.

Types of Dawes Bikes

12″ Wheel (2 1/2 to 5 yrs)

14″ Wheel (4 to 6 yrs)

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16″ Wheel (5 to 7 yrs)

20″ Wheel (7 to 9 yrs)

24″ Wheel (9 to 11 yrs)

BMX – Dirtjump

BMX – Freestyle

Leisure Bikes – Comfort Bikes (26W)

Leisure Bikes – Fast City

Leisure Bikes – Folding Bikes

Leisure Bikes – Hybrids

Leisure Bikes – Traditional

Leisure Bikes – Trekking

Mountain Bikes – Front Suspension

Mountain Bikes – No Suspension (Rigid)

Mountain Bikes – Womens

Racing – Cyclo Cross

Racing – Road Racing

Racing – Single Speed


Tourers / Audax

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Travel Your Ways Through Yamaha Bikes

Travel your ways through Yamaha bikes



Yamaha is known for their powerful bikes the world over. Youngsters and college goers are raving about Yamaha bikes. Yamaha is a Japanese company that has been in India since 1985. They have a very significant global presence and operate all over the world. The brand is famous for its outstanding innovations and has been popular for their monoshock motocross bikes, and has a racing profile like no other brand has. The dynamism of the bikes can be experienced by just riding it once. The company always strives to provide the perfect bike in comfort, performance and mileage.

Yamaha has in all 27 bike models in India that are roaring with success and are at the top of the chart. There are various models like the Yamaha, Yamaha Crux, Yamaha FZ, Yamaha Neo, Yamaha Ray, and many more. The Yamaha YBR, and is priced at Rs. 41700 approximately and is the lowest, which makes it one of the popular bikes in India. The most expensive one is the Yamaha V-ixion which is priced at Rs. 121000 approximately. The two strokes, Yamaha RX 100 with 100 cc was one of the first light weight bike with a great fuel economy from the Japanese company.

All the features and the specifications in the bikes are very unique and dynamic as well. Care has been taken to provide great safety features to the riders. The colors of the

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Yamaha bikes

are truly brilliant that makes them stand apart in the crowd. The design is simply fantastic and provides a very dashing look, which is why students and youngsters love it as they can make a fashion statement with Yamaha. The body is built to provide the necessary looks and durability that is needed on all types of roads. The casting and the colors with the other features make it very masculine and powerful. The headlamp of the bikes from Yamaha gives it a very distinct look than the ones that are available in the market. Take a look at the tail side and you will know how elegant the design of the bike is.

Yamaha bikes are available in plenty of colors that are mixed to give it a modern look that youngsters love. All the bikes have their own distinct built and features that make them different from one another. The Yamaha Crux is a 105.6 cc bike with a low price that was an instant hit with the consumers. This was a very traditional type of a bike that makes commuting in the city smooth and exciting. On the other hand, the YZF R1 is an international sports super bike that has a massive engine of 998 cc with 175 bhp.


bikes price in India

from Yamaha comes in all ranges to suit consumers.

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