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There Are Now A Range Of Safety Flooring To Suit Your Needs And Requirements.

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For many businesses ensuring that the floor is safe for large amounts of traffic is paramount and now a large array of businesses in various industries are now opting for the safety flooring available at STFL. S. Townley Flooring Ltd is a company who thrive on providing each of their customers with not only a high quality and affordable flooring but also one that meets their needs.

S. Townley Flooring Ltd supplies a wide variety of their safety flooring to ensure that both businesses and individuals receive flooring that meets all of their needs. There are now wide ranges of safety flooring available each providing non-slip and anti static surfaces which are ideal for businesses within many industries. They also ensure that each individual or business is provided with the safety, poly floor and anti static flooring they require for their needs.

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If you are in the food industry having a floor that is not only non-slip but also offer anti static abilities can have many benefits. You will be able to ensure that your customers and employees will not be able to fall when entering the property or when your staff members are serving the food. Non-slip floors, also known as poly floors will provide you with peace of mind that if one of your staff members are delivering bowls of soup that they are unable to slip and fall. Anti static floors also ensure that your electrical equipments will not receive any unwanted electricity which could prevent your equipment from working.

One of the biggest industries to purchase safety flooring is the electrical equipment industry. Whether your business delivers or produces electrical components this type of flooring will be able to ensure that your products have not received any unwanted or desired electricity. Without having this type of flooring there is an increased chance of your products being made unusable as electricity passing through the parts could damage them. As you are already aware your clients and customers will not satisfied with electrical components which do not work. To ensure that your products are not damaged by electricity purchasing one of the safety floors available to you from S. Townley Flooring Ltd is just a small price to pay.

One of their main components in the safety flooring range is PolyFloor. PolyFloor offers a high quality non-slip flooring which is ideal for businesses in the food industry such as restaurants. With PolyFloor becoming a very popular choice for both businesses and individuals from S. Townley Flooring Ltd, they are still a very strong competitor in the flooring industry.

Whether you are a business or an individual looking for the perfect type of safety flooring for your needs visit the team at S. Townley Flooring Ltd as they will be able to ensure that you receive the ideal flooring for you. Not only do they have the ideal flooring for your needs but also the help, advice and assistance you may require when in the decision process of purchasing the flooring for you. They have a team of professional, experienced and friendly staff members who are always looking to provide their clients with the best possible and affordable safety flooring.

Visit the staff members or view the website of S. Townley Flooring Ltd to ensure that you can find and purchase your ideal style and design of flooring. Safety flooring can offer many benefits to both your home and your business, so ensure you have the perfect flooring for you and your needs today with the range of safety flooring.

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