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The Basics Of Music Production Programs}

Submitted by: Ryan Murphy

Music production software can range from programs that let you arrange pieces of sound, called loops, to fully computer based recording studio set ups with digital synthesizers, and dozens of effect racks built in. The difference is in how flexible they are. However there are some basic elements that all share, and most of the $50 to $100 programs have those features, which makes them ideal for learning.

To start with there is a space for arranging your pieces of sounds to make your songs. In the old days they used multi-track recorders. Literally tape decks with two or more recording/play back heads that would let artists assemble songs, one part at a time. The arranging area of music producing software lets you assemble your songs in any way you want, and the amount of tracks you can work with is usually only limited by your computers ability to handle them.

Next is how they work with sound files. The actual files can be things you record yourself, or loops you have bought. A loop is a piece of sound, it can be a guitar riff, a drum hit, whole pre-made beats, trash can lids banging together, toy sounds, and pretty much any other sound you can imagine, and many you cant. Most people start with loops when they first get into using music production programs. Beyond that, and most importantly, is that most decent programs let you drag sound files into the work area, and will let you paint them in. You can use a sound once, or loop it so it plays over an over.

Next is volume control. In the old days they had to adjust volume levels using that big table sized thing with all the knobs and sliders on it. Now you can adjust the volume of a each single piece of sound, adjust the volume of the whole track, and even make very fine adjustments to volume. Volume control is very important in music production. It allows you to control when certain parts of the song are dominant, and to give each part of the song its place. A song with every piece set to the same volume is a mess.

Next is Pan. Now pan is which speaker the sounds are coming out of. Left, right, and centered. Better programs can also handle surround sound. Like volume control you can adjust the pan of each sound, either by making the whole track it is on panned one way, or by fine tuning. Pan is important for creating separation of the pieces of a song. Much like making sure everything isnt at the same volume, making sure they arent using the same space in the listeners field of hearing, called the stereo field, is also very important.

Lastly the programs also let you use sound effects. Now I am not talking strange sounds, I mean software versions of what musicians use to alter their recordings. Like distortion that gives heavy metal guitar and bass that crunchy metallic feel, and compression which helps keep the volume level of recordings even.

While each program has its own special features, which tend to get better the higher the price tag gets, these are the basic features any music production software worth using has.

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Protecting Yourself From The Scorching Sun With Solar Shades}

Protecting yourself from the Scorching Sun with Solar Shades


Natural elements have their own way to treat the living beings on earth. While the winds soothe us, the sun makes everything visible to us. The water of the fast flowing rivers and the rain cools us. And yet again the harsh rays of the sun scorch us and make our lives uncomfortable. Over the years, man has invented ways to lessen this discomfort and save himself from the wrath of the sun.

Solar Shades to block the Uncomfortable Heat

Though sun is an indispensible part of our life, it surely does makes its presence felt by the harmful ultraviolet rays and the terrible heat. During the summer months when the sun shines directly overhead, you hardly feel any desire to go out and do your daily chores. The heat makes your activity stop and it is difficult enough to live a comfortable life. In such a condition, the exterior sun shades provide huge comfort. Exterior shades are a must for protecting your place of living or your workplace from the unbearable heat of the sun. When the sun is at its full glare, the shades help you a lot in gaining a cool shade and comfort. The summer season makes us feel the importance of these shades all the more.

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Various Kinds of Exterior Shades to Help Block the Solar Heat

These outdoor solar shades are of high quality and ensure great service. The materials are of premium quality that will never provide you with a chance to complain. Companies like the North solar screen are famous for shades. Let us check out some of their shades.

Of the various solar shades that are installed in the exterior of the buildings, the transparent shades are very popular. These shades are mainly installed on the exterior of the windows or the balconies. They help you keep the interior of the building cool while also allowing privacy. These shades do not compromise with the ventilation and the outside view, thus are all the more coveted.

Then there is the Clear Vinyl Shades that are more in use in places where the region is otherwise cold and you need to soak in the warmth of the sun. These outdoor sun shades, allow the warmth of the sun to filter in through the vinyl material while blocking the elements to get in.

The Blackout total privacy shades on the other hand provides complete privacy as well as cool comfort. They block the sun’s heat along with the wandering eyes of the passersby all along the day.

So choose the one that you need and enjoy the great services of the transparent solar shades. North Solar Screen are the indoor energy saving shade and motorized shades specialists, our custom indoor shade products will save you money on your heating bills in the winter and your utility bills in the hot summer. Our Indoor Solar Shades, fade reducing shades and Energy Saving Shades are available in a wide variety of styles, with different options offering varying degrees of outward visibility. We offer free shipping on all our energy savings solar shade orders.

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There Are Now A Range Of Safety Flooring To Suit Your Needs And Requirements.

Submitted by: Clinton Fanney

For many businesses ensuring that the floor is safe for large amounts of traffic is paramount and now a large array of businesses in various industries are now opting for the safety flooring available at STFL. S. Townley Flooring Ltd is a company who thrive on providing each of their customers with not only a high quality and affordable flooring but also one that meets their needs.

S. Townley Flooring Ltd supplies a wide variety of their safety flooring to ensure that both businesses and individuals receive flooring that meets all of their needs. There are now wide ranges of safety flooring available each providing non-slip and anti static surfaces which are ideal for businesses within many industries. They also ensure that each individual or business is provided with the safety, poly floor and anti static flooring they require for their needs.

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If you are in the food industry having a floor that is not only non-slip but also offer anti static abilities can have many benefits. You will be able to ensure that your customers and employees will not be able to fall when entering the property or when your staff members are serving the food. Non-slip floors, also known as poly floors will provide you with peace of mind that if one of your staff members are delivering bowls of soup that they are unable to slip and fall. Anti static floors also ensure that your electrical equipments will not receive any unwanted electricity which could prevent your equipment from working.

One of the biggest industries to purchase safety flooring is the electrical equipment industry. Whether your business delivers or produces electrical components this type of flooring will be able to ensure that your products have not received any unwanted or desired electricity. Without having this type of flooring there is an increased chance of your products being made unusable as electricity passing through the parts could damage them. As you are already aware your clients and customers will not satisfied with electrical components which do not work. To ensure that your products are not damaged by electricity purchasing one of the safety floors available to you from S. Townley Flooring Ltd is just a small price to pay.

One of their main components in the safety flooring range is PolyFloor. PolyFloor offers a high quality non-slip flooring which is ideal for businesses in the food industry such as restaurants. With PolyFloor becoming a very popular choice for both businesses and individuals from S. Townley Flooring Ltd, they are still a very strong competitor in the flooring industry.

Whether you are a business or an individual looking for the perfect type of safety flooring for your needs visit the team at S. Townley Flooring Ltd as they will be able to ensure that you receive the ideal flooring for you. Not only do they have the ideal flooring for your needs but also the help, advice and assistance you may require when in the decision process of purchasing the flooring for you. They have a team of professional, experienced and friendly staff members who are always looking to provide their clients with the best possible and affordable safety flooring.

Visit the staff members or view the website of S. Townley Flooring Ltd to ensure that you can find and purchase your ideal style and design of flooring. Safety flooring can offer many benefits to both your home and your business, so ensure you have the perfect flooring for you and your needs today with the range of safety flooring.

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